Sunday, 7 November 2010

Business and Personality Type for Online Marketing

Do you already own a business or run some kind of online internet marketing business? Are you thinking of setting up a business?

Did you choose the niche market or did the market choose you? What I’m getting at is this; we all know our personalities don’t we? So are you running a business around your personality or did you just happen to fall into your business area?

I think personally that if we choose something that fits our personality then we will be more successful at it. Would you agree? For example I am setting up an internet marketing business and would love at some point in the future to be speaking on a stage in front of hundreds or thousands of people. I would love to be a motivator. My personality type is such that I can fit into this niche very well. I enjoy writing on this blog and mixing with others on their blogs too.

The niche I have chosen does fit my personality too. It’s all about networking with others in your chosen field and building relationships with those people. It's a kind of online community in the online internet marketing niche. There are so many good marketers out there to follow and there is so much great content all over the internet. There are some golden nuggets of information too given away free.

Should you just be thinking of a niche market to attack, then ask yourself a few questions about your own personality before setting your business up...

- Are you good with people?
- Are you technical?
- What can you offer others that will benefit them?
- Do you want an online or offline business?
- What impression do you want to give to your audience?

How would you describe yourself?

- Outgoing, reserved, gregarious, shy, warm, cold, stubborn, open, perfectionist, critical, honest, helpful, happy, strong, persuasive, patient, weak, easily led, naive?

Once you answer all of these questions you may be in a better place to make the decision as to which niche market you’d like to get involved in. Perhaps you’ve already started something and you aren’t making a success of it yet. If it’s not too late you can always change direction. We’re told to stick at things and see things through but I’m not sure on this viewpoint. How long is long enough to decide if you can succeed or not? Is 2 years enough? My answer would be yes. For starters you need to start making money at something before 2 years is up otherwise how do you survive? You would be demotivated too I would think after this long of chasing your dream.

Are you selling or are you marketing? People hate to be sold something. They love the thought that they made the decision to purchase rather than feeling like you sold them something. They will probably come back too especially if you’ve given them a pleasant customer experience. If your personality is warm and welcoming you’re more likely to be able to succeed at selling something offline or face-to-face, as well as online of course. If you’re not a gregarious character then you’d be better suited to marketing products online where you don’t ever have to meet the people buying your products.

Whatever you do or are thinking of doing, I suggest you write down all your traits and characteristics first. Look at your competition and ask yourself if you could do what they do. Do you have the personality to succeed with your own business or should you just be happy with a job? Just a thought provoking article hopefully that you’ve found useful and helpful.


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