Sunday, 31 October 2010

Facebook Ad Campaign Success: NOT!


Seems to be the norm lately for may paid advertising campaigns. Although I wonder how much time and money some of the large online income earners spent before hitting the golden egg? So this was a facebook advert that I created for an affiliate product. I liked the look of the product even though I haven't tried it. I haven't shown the product as I'm still advertising it using other methods also.
Let's analyse this page first above. I only wanted to test the water with the facebook advert by spending $20. I accepted the facebook suggested bid amount (perhaps for the next advert I'll try a lower bid cost per click) of $1.09 cost per click. Just look at how many impressions it got! My advert was shown 139,557 times on someone's facebook page. From that it was clicked 21 times over the course of the advert life period. The gap in the middle of the week I can only assume is because I changed the dates after one day to continue the advert for a longer period of time. The adverts take some time to actually get authorised and processed in the facebook system. Look at the CTR (Click Through Rate) percentage... pretty poor if you ask me. 0.015% CTR. Cost Per Click was cheaper than my bid price which was at least a saving. CPM is cost per mille or cost per thousand views
The next two images show the demographics of the 'clickers'. I love stats as I mentioned in a prior post and this kind of stuff needs close analysing so you know what works and what doesn't. As the affiliate product was from the USA I would have actually wanted the percentage of impressions to target them. I will make sure next time I just select the USA. The next problem is the age range of the clickers. The 18-24 year olds aren't the ones with the disposable income for the type of product. I targeted males as the product would appeal to them more than females.

I like the analytics part of facebook which has to be an important part of future adverts that I'll place. It's so good to be able to target certain audiences from the 500 million + users of facebook. This is true targeted traffic.

The bad news from this $20 advert is that there weren't any sales of the affiliate product. One things that I couldn't do was forward straight to the affiliate's website. I had to create a page on one of my domains and then the visitor was forced to click again from there. This may not have helped in the marketing process. I'll be back soon with another method I'm trialling for paid advertising.


  1. Well posting an add is just the first step of affiliate marketing, this is the bait, your blog post should be the hook.

    You shouldn't complain about not being able to forward directly to the product, you don't need to, I prefer my sale copies at all times as I am confident that I can make the sale better.

    Also, 21 visits is not a number that will land you a sale when we look at the stats and also people need to gain confidence, there is not a single person that will purchase something after one visit, so it takes time at first.

  2. Hey Zarko thanks for the reply. I know I'm perhaps expecting so much but some of these so called 'gurus of affiliate marketing' make it look so easy! I'm sure they've spent more on advertisments than they let on in their earnings figures! ;-) It's about trialling things until something sticks isn't it. I'll be back with more.

  3. Hey Martin, I love the fact that you're writing about real war stories on your blog - both successes and failures - it makes for great reading.

    With regards to Facebook advertising - I haven't done it much, and the one time I did do it I left the ad running which cost me a pretty penny.

    Some things I do know from talking to quite a few PPC'ers is that you'll want to split test your landing page, create multiple versions of your ad and track everything for conversions. Basically track everything.

    There's a tool called Facebook ad manager which is supposed to be great for creating many variations of a campaign quickly.

    Something else I've been made aware of - USA targeted ads cost the most. Canada and other locations are cheaper apparently.

    Also if bidding CPM then you'll want the most grabbing, curiosity invoking ads with copy for higher click through rates whereas if bidding CPC then you'll want to qualify prospects to make sure that those that click (ie. cost you money) are more likely to take an action from your landing page.

    I have to admit - I haven't done a bucket load of Facebook advertising. That said, very shortly, I'll be running a series of campaigns for my new membership site so expect a few similar war stories from my end too!

    Massive thumbs up on taking your content beyond just theory - I love that on a blog!

  4. Paul thanks for the comment and ideas. I haven't really used facebook ads that much so I'll have a play with the next campaign and split test a few lines of sales copy. I must admit I had heard that you should use the sales copy from the site as that's probably been written by a 'pro'. Although Zarko says earlier that he prefers to write his own. Must be a pro at it hey Zarko? Lol.

    I knew that the bidding for USA is the most expensive but I wanted to target them as it was an American product. Perhaps that doesn't really matter? Maybe I should try the same advert rather than trying another just yet?

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